Thursday 3 January 2013

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R. Mukherjee


Director, Institut de Chandernagor

Rila Mukherjee obtained her doctoral degree from EHESS, Paris in 1985, her subject being pre colonial silk trade and merchants at Kasimbazar, a thriving silk mart of seventeenth and eighteenth century Bengal, India. See her Merchants and Companies in Bengal: Kasimbazar and Jugdia in the Eighteenth Century (New Delhi, Pragati Publications, 2006). She has also written on Kasimbazar in Ana Crespo Solana, & David Alonso García, coords. Self-organizing Networks and GIS Tools Cases of Use for the Study of Trading Cooperation (1400-1800) Journal of Knowledge Management, Economic and Information Technology, Special Issue, June 2012 (‘From Small World to Large Universe: Kasimbazar in Eighteenth Century Bengal’ 9, pp. 275-311) and in Rila Mukherjee ed. Networks in the First Global Age, 1400-1800, Primus Books, Delhi as “The ‘Small World’ of the Silk Merchant at Kasimbazar, India”, pp. 205-261, in 2011.

She is interested in maritime history and networks and has currently edited two books: Oceans Connect: Reflections on Waterworlds Across Time and Space, Delhi, Primus, in 2013 and Pelagic Passageways: The Northern Bay of Bengal Before Colonialism, Delhi, Primus, in 2011.

She is currently working on a single authored monograph on cartographic representations of the Bengal delta.


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