2015, May, Copenhagen

Mints, Technology, and Coin Production
Tuesday 13 August 2013

Copenhagen, The National Museum of Denmark, May, 28-29, 2015.

The Round Table took place in Copenhagen, in cooperation with the The National museum of Denmark


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This Round Table focused on the questions of mints, technology, and coin production.

The development in minting techniques and in the demand for coins of good quality was massive through the industrial revolution and during the creation of nation-states and new monetary infrastructures in the 18th-20th centuries. The massive increase in the coin production’s quality and quantity due to the industrialized mints led to new possibilities and were everywhere put to use in the monetary

Papers concerning mints, minting technology, and coin production from the period c. 1500-2015 as well as papers dealing with banking, mines, precious metals, copper, bronze, bank notes, numismatics, and other themes related to monetary history in the period c. 1700-1950 were welcome.

There are no geographical limitations; the DAMIN project has a global focus.

The proceedings are now in press (collection Moneta #191) and is available. See moneta website

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Abstracts (04/04)




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Participants to the meeting