2014, April, Osaka

When Orient and Occident meet
Tuesday 10 April 2012

A Round Table of the DAMIN program took place in Osaka at the Rihga Royal Hotel on April 3-6, 2014.

The topic of the session “When Orient and Occident meet” considered all the aspects of Western-Eastern economic, monetary, financial and technologic contacts and transfers.

A visit of the mint took place on Thursday April 3 (the publication of the Annual Reports of the Imperial Mint – 1870-1912 – is now completed, see www.moneta.be).

This session was organized in cooperation with IAFOR and included in the Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities. Participants benefited of all the facilities of the IAFOR conferences.

Osaka presentation, April 2014

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  Presentation of the latest researches of the DAMIN program (video, Osaka April 2014).





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Osaka 2014 poster
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IAFOR Newletter Oct-Nov 2012
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G. Depeyrot, featured speaker, Osaka, 4 April 2014
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