2013, May, Madrid

Transfers of precious metals and their consequences
Sunday 26 February 2012

After the first Round Table, in Paris at the École Normale Supérieure in January 2012, Moneys and Economies during 19th Century, from Europe to Asia, (see the videos on this page and the proceedings at Moneta volume # 139), a Round Table was in the framework of the program DAMIN, in Madrid, in 2013, May 16-17, in cooperation with the Casa de Velazquez, the LabEx TransferS (École Normale Supérieure, Paris).

Precious metals were often transferred from a region, or a country, to another: looting of conquered regions (such as Roman Spain, Gaul or Egypt), invasions (Vandals, Huns invading the Roman Empire, Crusaders arriving at Constantinople), and, of course arrival of gold and silver from Americas after 1492. Each time, the new metal disturbed the monetary systems, sometimes improving, sometimes troubling the currencies and economies.

The period considered is focused on the 19th century, the question of the depreciation of silver and the transfers of metals from America or Europe to Asia, India, China, etc. However, papers on the other main transfers of metal are welcome, especially those concerning the important transfers of metal following the discovery of Americas. Thematic or theoretical approaches as well as comparative studies are welcome (consequences of the arrival of metal on prices, currency, society, etc.). In general all papers in relation with these problems are welcome.


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