Wednesday 22 February 2012

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K. Bregianni


Academy of Athens, Centre for the Study of Modern Greek History, Athens

Ph.D in Modern History, University of Paris I. Ph.D thesis : Les Banques, l’agriculture et l’Etat. Stratégies de crédit et politique agraire en Grèce, de 1861 à 1940 (edition: Lille, Septentrion, 2002, 562 p.).

Her actual professional functions are : Senior Research Fellow at the Research Centre for the Study of Modern Greek History, Academy of Athens. Scientific Collaborator at the Bank of Greece (Department of Historical Archives, Museum and Art Collections). For the year 2012, she is affiliated to the Fondation de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris.

She was Tutor at the Hellenic Open University (2001-2011), were she published History and Historiography. New approaches [Patras, HOU, 2008, in Greek]

During her doctoral studies, she participated in research projects supported by the Historical Archives of the Agricultural Bank and the Historical Archives of National Bank. She has published various articles on Modern Greek Economic and Social History and she was Associate researcher in the Hellenic Bank Association. During past years she is conducting a research on the 30s financial crisis and she has published articles on this topic.

Last publications: Greek coins. State and Ideology from the Greek Revolution to the Interwar Period, Athens, Academy of Athens, 2011, in Greek. Agricultural cooperatives in South and Central Europe, 19th-20th century: a comparative approach, editor with H. Gardikas, Athens, Modern Greek History Research Centre, Academy of Athens, in English, forthcoming.

She was a member of the Local Committee and of the Program Committee of the Athens European Business History Association Congress, 24-26 August 2011. She organised an International Conference on Rural Cooperatives in the Academy of Athens (=Greek Academy of Sciences), 10-11 June 2010.

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